Barakat Travel & Rentals





Accommodation is one of the basic needs for tour activity. Travelers  need lodging for rest and relax. We will find the right accommodation for all your travel needs. We have a fantastic range of excellent  accommodation with,


  • Seaview Hotels
  • Beach Apartments
  • Holiday Apartments,
  • Villas,
  • Bungalows,
  • Guest Houses,
  • Colonial Holiday Bungalow,
  • Colonial Holiday houses
  • Colonial Villas.


That cater for all travelers, including families travelling with small children.Within a single property, many different rooms may be available. Rooms may vary according to number and types of beds, size, facilities and amenities as well as design,


  • Single rooms :     single travellers. 
  • Double rooms :   two travellers sleeping in the same bed.
  • Twin rooms :        have two separate single beds.
  • Triple rooms :      have double bed plus a single bed.
  • Quads rooms :    designed for 4 people or more.



Most of rooms will include private bathrooms, only be accessed from the rooms and are intended to be used by the guests staying in the room only,will be fitted with a sink, toilet and shower or bathtub.